About us

Our Mission:

To bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners.


Our Vision:

A safe and healthy home for every homeowner in Kiamichi Country!


What Kind of Repairs can be done?

Repairs focus on Safety, Security and Weatherproofing.

Repairs can include but are not limited to: Painting,  Roof Repair, Electrical, Windows, Internal Walls  and  Handy-Capped accessibility.

( Major structural repairs are not addressed at this time.)


Who will perform the repairs?

Homeowners, Family Members or volunteers from local corporations, businesses, community organizations, churches, synagogues, schools, etc.

Also some Skilled trades professionals volunteer their time and equipment with electrical, plumbing, carpentry and roofing repairs as well as there knowledge.


How are the homes selected?

Neighborhood associations, religious, community, and social service organizations refer clients to our program. The media is also instrumental in letting the community know about our services. Rebuilding Together Kiamichi Country (RTKC) program staff and volunteers personally visit each home that meets our eligibility criteria.


Who pays for Rebuilding Together Kiamichi Country repairs?

All repairs are paid for by our Rebuilding Together Kiamichi Country program and there is no cost to the homeowner.

This Money comes from  Businesses, Foundations, Service Organizations, Government Grants, Clubs, Churches, Synagogues, Associations, Fund Raising and Individuals THROUGHOUT The Kiamichi Country community.

( All donations and contributions are tax deductible.)